Seamless Integration: Connecting Your Blink Camera to Wi-Fi

Step-by-Step Guide to Wi-Fi Connectivity
To ensure a smooth setup for your Blink camera, follow these detailed instructions:

Power Up Your Camera: Connect your Blink camera to the power adapter provided in the box.
Launch the Blink App: Open the Blink app on your smartphone or tablet.
Access the Menu: Tap the menu icon, which appears as three horizontal lines in the top-left corner, and select “Add Device.”
Choose Your Device: Select “Blink Sync Module” from the list of device types.
Enter Wi-Fi Details: Input your Wi-Fi network’s password and proceed by tapping “Continue.”
Activate Pairing Mode: Press and hold the button on the back of the Sync Module for five seconds until you see a solid blue light, indicating it’s ready to pair.
Troubleshoot Red Light Issues: If your Blink camera is flashing red, consult the troubleshooting guide.
Complete the Pairing: Return to the Blink app and tap “Continue.” Once the app locates your Sync Module, select “Pair.”
Finalize the Setup: Congratulations! Your Blink camera is now connected to Wi-Fi.
Blink Subscription: Is It Necessary?
While a Blink system can function without a subscription, access to certain features will be limited. For full functionality, including cloud storage and live streaming, a subscription is recommended.

Blink Subscription Costs
A Blink subscription is priced at $3 per month or $30 annually. However, it’s possible to operate your Blink camera without opting for a subscription plan.

Advantages of a Blink Subscription
Subscribing to Blink unlocks a variety of features:

Live video streaming
Cloud storage for video recordings
Motion detection alerts
Optional 24/7 professional monitoring
These benefits enhance the functionality and convenience of your Blink camera system.

Wi-Fi vs. Sync Module: What’s Required?
Your Blink camera requires a Wi-Fi connection to function. The Sync Module is optional but necessary for features like motion detection and live streaming. If these aren’t critical for you, you might save by skipping the Sync Module.

Verifying Wi-Fi Connection
A solid blue light on your camera indicates a successful Wi-Fi connection. A flashing light suggests the camera is attempting to connect. No light means the camera isn’t powered—check the power source and ensure the camera is switched on.

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Connection Issues
If you encounter issues:

Restart your router and modem to resolve temporary glitches.
Ensure your router operates on the 2.4 GHz band, as Blink cameras are incompatible with 5 GHz networks.
Reduce the distance between your router and camera to strengthen the signal.
For persistent problems, Blink’s customer support is available to assist you.

Sync Module Power Connection
A solid blue light on the Sync Module indicates a proper power connection. A flashing light means it’s attempting to connect to power. No light suggests no power—verify that the Sync Module is on and the power connection is secure.

To connect your Blink camera to Wi-Fi, ensure your camera’s firmware is up to date. Open the Blink app, navigate to the Menu, select “Set up a new device,” and follow the on-screen prompts. Enter your network credentials and wait for the camera to establish a connection. Once connected, you can enjoy live footage from your camera.

We hope this guide has been informative and helpful. For any further assistance or inquiries about connecting your Blink camera to Wi-Fi, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

8 Things That You Probably Didnt Know About Kansas City

Kansas City isn’t only about the jazz and blues or barbecues. There are so many things about KC that outsiders probably do not know. Here’s our list of a few of them;

a) The ‘bark’ is more popular here than the barbecue: We love barbecue, but there’s something more drool-worthy. The barbecued meat that’s cut from the edges of a brisket is seasoned and re-smoked to make perfect burnt ends aka ‘the bark’. The chewier the bark, the better is its taste! In fact, we love our burnt ends so much that there’s a BBQ joint dedicated to them in Overland Park.

b) Berlin is in Kansas City: Well, not if you think of it as a German city! But Berlin and Nikita are the names of two polar bears at the Kansas City Zoo. This zoo covers more than 200 acres of land and hosts more than a 1000 animals.

c) Happy hours were illegal until 2012- Alcohol laws in Kansas City are some of the strictest in the United States. In fact, until the alcohol prohibition law was changed, bars were not allowed to offer drink specials to certain demographic groups like women, retirees, or members of fraternities. It is common for Kansas residents to work in the city and go to Missouri for a drink.

d) Air raid sirens are still in use here: The cold war is long over, but air raid sirens continue to blare to warn about twisters. Unless they’re new to the city, people are not bothered by the sound and they continue with business as usual.

e) This is the best place for a pizza: Kansas City pizzas were chosen as the best in America by the Travel and Leisure magazine. Pizzabella, Minsky’s and Kelso’s are some of the local favorites.

f) Kansas City is THE soccer capital in the country: Soccer is an important part of the local sports scene thanks to local teams like the Sporting Kansas City. We also have some of the best facilities in the country for soccer.

g) This is the City of Fountains: KC has more fountains than anywhere else in the US. We also celebrate Fountain Day every April when all the fountains in the city are turned on.

h) Kansas City, North and North Kansas City are two different places: North Kansas City or Northtown is a small city on the north of the Heart of America Bridge, while Kansas City, North or Northland refers to any part of KC that’s to the north of the Missouri river.

Great Hair Shampoos

Hi everyone. I wanted to write about the shampoos that I use for my hair. These shampoos are the best shampoos that I ever used. When I’m washing it, my hair is very soft, very manageable, it doesn’t dry out my hair, it doesn’t make my hair tangled. I’ve tried so many different shampoos out there on the market and I can honestly say that these shampoos are the best shampoos that I’ve ever tried. These are my staple shampoos. What I mean staple, these are the only shampoos that I use now. The only shampoos that I have been using for a while now and they work!

The first thing that I want to share is that sometimes like I want to do a pre shampoo treatment and I use the Arman Hair Oil which I got at Amazon.

And what Arman Hair Oil does for your hair is just strengthen it and moisturizes your hair before your shampoo treatment. So my hair now doesn’t get stripped away. But this helps with the natural oil and it just helps to soften your hair and it’s just really very good for people that have a dry scalp because it just moisturizes really well.

So, another one of my favorite shampoos is Kera Care Hydrate and Detangle shampoo. This shampoo is amazing!

You hair will be so soft (as you’re washing it) and you could easily comb through it. It’s just amazing! It doesn’t strip your hair of its natural oil or anything like that. It conditions the hair, it gives a soft lather as you wash and helps with split ends. And on the shampoo bottle it even says “excellent for relaxed or colored treated hair”. So, this is good for people with relaxed hair, and colored treated hair; people that needs extra conditioning, okay!

Another shampoo that is cheap and it works wonders is Cream of Nature, it costs about $5.00.

Whenever I run out of my Kera Care I use this. But even still in between I’ll switch between Cream of Nature and my Kera Care. So, these are the only two shampoos that I used, that I love.